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A visual routine chart to guide kids in independantly getting ready for their day at school.


Mornings can be such a challenge with little ones. They so badly want independence but don't yet have all the skills needed to successfully execute their tasks independently. 

To promote independence and prevent power struggles and meltdowns, a visual routine can help! Make sure the things they need are prepared and accessible for them and let them refer to their mronign routine chart for reminders. For an added bonus, slip this chart into a dry erase sleeve or laminate it to allow your littles to cross or check off the completed items as they go!


Have colors, an activity, or name you want to add/change? Send me an email, at, I would be happy to customize it for you!

Morning Routine

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Instant PDF download!

  • 6 morning routine chart options:

    -flow chart in pink, blue, and yellow

    -numbered grid chart in pink, blue and yellow

    -colors, names, and activities can be customized upon request

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