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My Story

I'm Kori Clevenger, founder of Simply Childhood Coaching.

As a former teacher and nanny with over a decade of experience working with children, I have had the privilege of witnessing the growth and development of countless young kids. My passion for education led me to pursue a master's degree in gifted and talented education, where I honed my skills in identifying and nurturing the unique strengths of each child. As a teacher, I worked with children with intense behaviors and home lives. Through my certification in the Nurtured Heart Approach, I saw firsthand the profound impact that simple changes can have on a child, and it inspired me to become a parenting coach.


As a parenting coach, my goal is to help parents navigate the challenges of early childhood and provide them with the tools and strategies they need to raise happy, healthy, and confident children. I offer personalized one-on-one coaching sessions as well as group sessions, which allow parents to connect with and learn from each other. Whether you're struggling with non-violent discipline, learning and development, or simply feeling overwhelmed by the demands of parenting, I am here to help. Together, we can work towards creating a more peaceful and fulfilling family life where you can not just survive but thrive as a parent. 


Walk through parenthood with me!

Thanks for reaching out!

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