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This is a visual hanger organizer to help kids independantly pick out their own outfits ahead of time and prepare for their week. Mornings are stressful enough without the added stress of fighting your kids on what they want to wear, where their chosen clothes are, and whether it is appropriate for the day. Ease your morning routines by having your kids help choose their outfits ahead of time!


1. Print out your downloaded outfit planner

2. Cut out the white circles so each day can easily slip onto the top of a hanger, and cut each page in half to separate the days

3. Laminate it to allow your littles to reuse them daily without damage (I used self adhesive lamination sheets!)

3. cut excess lamination off

4. Slip on your child's hanger and let you little one plan their school outfits for each day!


Have colors, days, or activities you want to add/change? Send me an email, at, I would be happy to customize it for you!

Hanger Organizers for Outfit Planning

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Instant PDF download!

  • 2 outfit prep for hangers options included in both orange and pink:

    -colors and days can be customized upon request

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