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An activity choice chart to guide kids in decompression and regulation after a long day at school.


Going back to school is a really tough transition for kids! It drains their mental, physical, emotional, sensory, and social batteries.

If your little ones come home hungry, tired, and on the brink of total meltdown, I can totally relate!

To prevent apocolyptic meltdowns, we go straight from school to a big snack and 15 mintues of decompression. During this time they relax alone through a calming activity of their choosing. This chart helps them to choose a good calming activity to recenter so we can get through the rest of the day in peace!


Have colors or an activity you want to add/change? Send me an email, at, I would be happy to customize it for you!

Decompressing After School

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Instant PDF download!

  • 3 activity choice chart options:

    -cluster of organic shapes without pictures

    -cluster of organic shapes with pictures

    -block style chart with pictures

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