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My favorite little kindergartener loves when we read chapter books aloud together, but she hates my tissue and scrap paper bookmarks, so she helped me design some cuter bookmarks instead!


1. Print out your favorite bookmark designs

2. Cut the page in half along the dotted line

3. Fold each bookmark in half along the solid black line

4. Use a glue stick to glue the blank sides of your bookmark together

5. Cuddle up and read a good book together!

Bonus: Laminate it to allow your littles to reuse them daily without damage (I use self adhesive lamination sheets!)


Have a specific type of design you would like me to add? Send me an email, at, I would be happy to customize it for you!


Excluding Sales Tax
  • Instant PDF download!

  • 7 bookmark options included:

    -colors and designs can be customized upon request

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