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Kid & Toddler Must Haves: Prime Day 2023 edition

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Prime Day is here! I have been scouring the web for some really awesome deals on all sorts of products. Some are for kids, some are for parents, and some are upon special request from Instagram. Either way, I have compiled them here for you to easily access and come back to even after the big sales have ended. Here are links* to a few of my favorite things from Prime Day 2023! If you have things you want me to find, drop a comment, I'll find you a deal!

Kid & toddler must haves--prime day 2023 edition

Getting Started with Prime

Free Trials

Before I share the deals, let's talk about Prime Day. Prime day is like Black Friday or Boxing Day in July. Tons of our favorite products on Amazon go on major sales, but to take part in those sales you have to be a member of Amazon Prime. If you're not already a member, follow this link to sign up for a 30 day free trial of Amazon prime, plus it comes with 20% off diaper subscriptions!

If you're looking for more free things, check out my link to a free three month trial of Audible Premium Plus, Amazon's audiobook library. It comes with 3 free audio books that you keep forever (even if you cancel after the trial period ends). Typically you can only get a 30 day trial of Audible, this is a special deal just for Prime Day. I LOVE audiobooks and I am SO excited to have gotten 3 months and 3 books for free!


We rely on a lot of technology to get through the day these days, but it can be so expensive. Right now a lot of it got a bit cheaper for Prime Day! Here are some top picks for tech for your whole family.

Kindle Paperwhite

I love reading and it is so much easier to do on an e-reader. It may sound silly, but I can read a book so much faster, the battery lasts for months, my arm doesn't get tired from holding up a hardback book, it's so small, and I can bring a whole collection of books with me to work, on vacation, or wherever I want to go, no problem. If you're getting an e-reader, the Kindle Paperwhite is a must if you plan on reading outside at all. It works so much better than an iPad, or other e-reader to enjoy your book by the pool, on the beach, at the park, or in your own backyard! This Prime day you can get it for 36% off!

Echo Dot Kids

The Echo Dot Kids is great because it has tons of parental controls so you can feel safe letting your child use it, and it gives your little one the autonomy to ask questions, listen to jokes and stories, set timers, and start random dance parties with just their voice. This Prime day you can get it 53% off!

Kids Fire Tablet

We can try to avoid it, but sometimes screen time is necessary for the functioning of your family. As long as it is serving a purpose for your family, don't beat yourself up for using it. When you do need it, the Amazon Fire Kids tablet is a great starter tablet for your littlest family members. It is significantly more affordable (especially today at 50% off!!), it is designed to enable easy parental controls, comes with a kid proof case, and a year of AmazonKids+, and it's so cheap for Prime day this year!

iPad Mini

If you have older kids, the iPad mini is going to have a lot more processing power and be able to do a larger variety of tasks. While it is more expensive, your child will be able to use it for many more years (and into school age) as opposed to a fire kids tablet. The mini is the least expensive iPad option, and this Prime Day it's $120 off!

Ring Doorbell

I am adding this in because I spent way too much on my Ring Doorbell years ago, love it, and now have a whole collection of Ring products. Today you can get one for so cheap! It is so worth the peace of mind being able to check on your home from anywhere, anytime, whether it be for home security or to monitor deliveries! This Prime day you can get it 45% off!

Travel & Safety

It's that time of year that so many families are traveling to one place or another. These products will help make travel easier and keep your family safe.

Extend2Fit Carseat

The most dangerous part of any travel is a car ride. To keep your kiddos safe, make sure they are using a carseat as directed for their size, and that carseat is properly installed. The absolute safest way to ride in a car is in a rear-facing carseat, so we want to keep kids rear-facing until they have maxed out their carseat's weight requirements. It's tempting to turn them around when their legs start hitting the seat, but their safety is so much more important, so let them be a little squished and keep them rear-facing as long as you can! This Graco Extend2Fit carseat is designed to grow with your child by extending to add 5 inches of extra legroom to keep your kid comfortably rear-facing longer. It also has multiple headrest heights and grows with your family from rear-facing, to forward facing, and into a booster, so you won't need to keep replacing your carseat as time goes on. This Prime day it's 30% off!

Single to Double Stroller

I like Baby Jogger strollers because they are easy to maneuver and lightweight, but less expensive than many of their top competitors. I know many of my followers are expecting baby #2 and will need to upgrade to a double stroller shortly, so I chose the Baby Jogger Single to Double Stroller . It can be used as either a single or a double and also has a standing stoop on the back for older kids. It is a tandem double stroller which are WAY easier to maneuver, store, and fit in the car than a side by side double. This prime day you can get it for 55% off!

Samsonite Suitcases

Before you head on your next trip, your little one needs a full size carry on suitcase on spinners that is lightweight so they can push it if needed. The tiny kid suitcases are cute but they are outgrown in about a year and generally don't fit enough for a kid to begin with, so save yourself, plan ahead, and get a full sized suitcase. We got the hardcover Samsonite suitcases this winter, they have worked amazingly well, and this prime day you can get a two pack for 62% off!

Travel Stroller

Just like the single to double stroller, the Baby Jogger travel stroller is functional without breaking the bank. This is the travel version which can fold up so small and fit in a little travel case when needed, so it's easy to stash in a closet or bring with you on your next trip. This prime day you can get it for 37% off!

Kids' Play

Modular Couch

If you have seen Nugget pillows, you know they are amazing. They can be configured in so many ways allowing them to be used as a crash pad, a couch, a fort, a slide, a lounger, you name it. This prime day you can get this modular kids nugget-like couch for 20% off!

Clay Play Dough

By special request only: the Melissa and Doug Modeling Dough Kit. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of play dough. It gets too stuck to everything and is too hard to clean up for my liking, BUT it is great for kids' play and is open ended, which we love to see. So, if you can handle it in your house, this kit has much higher quality tools than your typical play dough set and this prime day you can get it for 34% off!

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand is like the much better cousin of play dough. It offers similar play opportunities without the drawbacks. You can still sculpt it and mould it into any shape or texture, but it's easy to clean up, It doesn't smell bad, get stuck in everything, or dry out (seriously, never). This prime day you can get a Kinetic sand kit for 23% off.

Sandbox Digger

If you have a sandbox or dirt pit in your outdoor play space, (which are amazing because they lead to such fun and creative play) you should try adding a Sandbox digger excavator. They can dig holes, fill trucks or buckets, build, mountains and moats, bury treasure, and so much more. This prime day you can get it for 30% off!

Musical instruments

Music is both fun for all ages and an excellent tool for learning. It can be used over and over for years from infancy on. This set includes a tambourine, bells, a xylophone, maracas, clappers, and more. This prime day you can get these Musical Instruments for 33% off!

Building toys

Building toys are such a great open ended play tool. They are so versatile and lead to amazing imaginative creations with or without adult intervention. From roads to castles to cars, seriously, the possibilities are endless!


This prime day you can get Magnatiles magnetic tiles for 30% off!

Lincoln Logs

This prime day you can get a set of Lincoln logs for 42% off!

Stacking Rocks

This prime day you can get wooden stacking rocks 59% off!

Infant Stacking blocks and rings

This Prime Day you can get soft infant stackers for 20% off!

silicone stacking rings and blocks of various colors
Infant Stackers

Splash Pad

Add a little water play to your summer. This splash pad is nonslip so your little ones can run and jump in it without (as much) fear of falling.

For the Home

Life is busy and kids are messy. These are a few great deals I found for products to keep your home life running smoothly.

Tineco wet/dry vacuum

Kids are messy. I don't have time to deep clean every day. This Tineco wet to dry vacuum mops and vacuums at the same time and leaves the floor completely dry so you can pick up any mess you've got. It's seriously amazing and the fact that you can do both at once blows my mind and saves so much time. This Prime day you can get it for 30% off!

Adjustable standing desk

For the love of your spinal health, get yourself an adjustable height desk if you work from home. If you work on a computer, chances are you are slouching, hunching, or not sitting in a proper posture to protect your spinal curve and overall health. (And if you need an amazing chiropractor in the Charlotte area, hit me up). This adjustable standing desk comes in multiple colors and sizes and this Prime day you can get it for 54% off! We just ordered it for the home office and can't wait to test it out.

electric adjustable standing desk with monitors and keyboards on it
Adjustable standing desk

Cord Organizers

Speaking of your home office, I know you have a crazy number of cords, and they need a place to go. This cord organizer attaches to the underside of a desk to keep your cords together and organized. This Prime day you can get it for 24% off!

Color Wow Antifrizz spray

This is random, but I live in North Carolina where it is humid in the summer. The Color Wow Dream coat antifrizz spray works like magic and saves my hair from getting frizzy or ruined in the humidity. It's not the cheapest product, so I was excited to see that this Prime day you can get it for 30% off!

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of these amazing deals before they're gone. Want the links to the products without reading through it all again? Find Just the links below!

Just the Links

Prime Day 2023 Must Haves


Travel & Safety

Kids Play

For the Home

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